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Improve Wellbeing at Work With our Platform

Making wellbeing at work measurable

Measuring and improving wellbeing at work is critical for healthy workplaces, and thus, commercial success. Our platform helps you to continuously measure & increase your employees’ wellbeing — because happy employees make great businesses.


Improving employee wellbeing is easy as 1, 2, 3


Our model

The fundamentals of the holistic B3 Well Model, the Building, Body & Business, help us map out wellbeing at work.


Our platform

Our real-time platform helps you to continuously measure and analyze your workplace through employee feedback and sensor data.


Your improvements

We guide you every step of the way. Together, we collect actionable insights and select the best wellbeing partners to improve your workplace.

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Improve your people
- and business Created with Sketch.


Our holistic approach helps HR professionals to increase employee engagement, reduce sick leave, and attract and retain talented people.

The benefits for Human Resources

Improving workplace wellbeing is tough. And this is just one of the many challenges HR professionals are facing today. Numerous factors influence how employees are feeling, both in and out of the workplace. That’s why we collect the data you need to build a business case to increase their wellbeing.

Our holistic approach helps you to easily see if there’s room for improvement.

  • Gather potential improvements at work by collecting employee workplace feedback
  • Build a positive company culture and keep your employees engaged with organizational updates
  • Increase employee experience with tailored improvements based on their needs
  • Attract and retain talented people effortlessly by offering a healthy workplace that improves their wellbeing Created with Sketch.


Maintain the workplace environment with real-time sensor data. Or improve the indoor climate and employees’ physical experience of the workplace.

The benefits for Facility Managers

More employees means more revenue and better usage of space — but also more challenges for facility professionals. Like managing the employees’ experience. Or maintaining the workplace efficiently.

Our platform makes workplace data accessible and actionable. That way, you’ll know what to improve, and when to improve it.

  • Find out how your building performs in one easy-to-use dashboard
  • Gather potential workplace improvements by collecting employee feedback
  • Increase employee experience with customized improvements based on your coworkers’ needs
  • Measure the effects of each workplace improvement by validating the outcome with employees Created with Sketch.


Our real-time platform helps attract and retain long-term tenants, improve their experience, and decrease their turnover.

The benefits for Real Estate

The need for tenants to digitize and monitor workplace wellbeing is growing day by day. Real estate professionals know all about it. And so do we.

Our real-time platform eases the load. By adding it to your workplace management services, you’re able to relay the real-time performance and wellbeing of you tenants’ workplace — and see how it compares to our ideal benchmark.

  • Monitor the performance of your tenants’ workplace in one easy-to-use dashboard
  • Collect actionable insights in the performance of your building — and see if there’s any room for improvement
  • Increase tenant experience with workplace improvements based on the needs of their employees
  • Present measurable effects of each workplace improvement by validating the outcome with your tenants’ employees

“Our platform improves your employees’ wellbeing so they can be their best. In business — and life.

Guus Meulendijks — Co-founder Healthy Workers

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