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Improving wellbeing since 2016

At Healthy Workers, we believe a healthy workplace should be a given, not a gift – because happy employees make great businesses. With our realtime platform, we can make wellbeing at work tangible & measurable.

We’ve been doing it since 2016, growing from a small plant-office-delivery startup to a leading international employee wellbeing platform. In and outside of working hours.

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We believe in data and its ability to uncover hidden truths that light the way to happier, healthier employees and businesses. Created with Sketch.


We're super data-driven, but we’re also improving the wellbeing of human beings. That's why we’ll always find the humanity in it. Created with Sketch.


We deal with people's lives. That's why we're crystal clear about the data we use. We also make sure that personal information stays personal.

Start improving wellbeing


Find out what your employees need the most to grow in their work – and life.