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November 29, 2019
3 min read

A Healthy Challenge about Financial Wellbeing

Like you all surely know, here at Healthy Workers, we really like to take wellbeing at work to the next level. For our clients, but for ourselves too. Practice what you preach, right? That’s why we challenge ourselves every month to step out of our comfort zone and try to be as healthy as we can.

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Our financial wellbeing challenge

Last month, our Healthy Challenge focussed on the financial facets of wellbeing at work. Our Wellbeing Specialist Elyse Carr – the creator of the November Healthy Challenge – found out that financial shortcomings have a significant effect on everyone’s wellbeing at work.

1 in 2 employees experiences financial stress

According to the 8th annual Employee Financial Wellness Survey of PwC, 59% of respondents shared that financial matters are the main cause of stress. Financially stressed employees can be present in the office. However, they might be very distracted and unfocused by their situation (presenteeism – there but not there).

Improve Wellbeing at Work with the Management Dashboard

Financial stress can have a huge impact on the workplace if not dealt with, and it can be hidden in many forms. Like financially struggling employees may be absent from work due to not being able to afford transport.

Create awareness and a side hustle

To raise awareness and emphasize the importance of financial wellbeing, Carr created a 2-week long free market system where we can earn tokens by using our talents. Since we all have an endless number of skills – she challenged us to connect, learn more about each other, and to get that side hustle going!

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As a token of our appreciation

During the week we could pay our coworkers for products & services. A whiteboard was set up where we could ‘earn’ and ’spend’ tokens. She wished for us to be more creative with our time – like hosting a Dutch class at lunchtime, for example.

From all Healthy Challenges that we’ve experienced, this must be one of our most favorite ones. It’s amazing to see how many awesome talents our coworkers have. Celeste Northrop, our UX Researcher & Designer, smashed the Healthy Challenge with her awe-inspiring talents. So next month, it’s her turn to challenge us with some healthy habits – more on that later!