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September 26, 2019
3 min read

Meet Healthy Workers 2.0 – a new take on improving wellbeing at work

Has it been 3 years already? Oh, how we’ve grown! Especially last year. Not only did we further implement the Building, Body, and Business of the B3 Well Model into our approach, platform and services. We also crafted a clear and attractive proposition that speaks to the mind of businesses worldwide.

With success: we’re signing many leading businesses as we speak. However, this also gave us the feeling that we grew out of our old brand identity.

Our story of improving wellbeing at work

That’s why we’ve been working on a fresh brand identity that clearly represents the added value of the ‘new we’. We freshened up our logo, brand assets, and imagery. Or rather, our complete take on improving wellbeing.

Also, with our new way of talking about our platform, we’re able to tell our tale and convey our message better than ever before.

Let’s take you through it.

Our brand-new logo

We felt that we’d grown out of our plant-centric logo. We don’t ‘just’ deliver beautiful office plants or measure its effects with sensor data anymore. In fact, the new Healthy Workers can mean so much more for businesses around the globe.

Which is represented in our new logo. We call it ‘the blob’. And just like our holistic approach, the interactive logo also continuously shifts between the axes of The B3. It learns, grows, and adapts based on the needs of employees and goals of businesses.

– our logo’s edges actually shifts. See for yourself at the top of this screen.

Our new brand assets

In addition to our new logo, the rest of our brand got a complete make-over too. We changed almost everything in our app, dashboard and website: our brand colors, imagery, typography, and even the way we talk to you – the whole shebang.

Our images

Instead of workplace images that aren’t realistic, we use beautiful snapshots of real workplaces that have been improved down the road.

The brand colors

Our expanded range of services and our added value are expressed in our new brand colors. In comparison with the humble colors that we used before, the new Healthy Workers color palette contains 6 thumb-stopping colors, ranging from Sunflower Yellow to Bright White.

The shapes and strokes

In addition, our look and feel will be extra enjoyable with energetic paint strokes, shapes, and illustrations that sew everything together. These colorful assets represent the human-centric and lively side of Healthy Workers.

Because even though we handle data, we’re also dealing with peoples’ lives. That’s why we always try to find the humanity in it.

A new way of talking

Lastly, we renewed the terms that we use when we explain our platform. We believe that a clear and consistent way of telling our tale will help us to make even more impact on wellbeing as possible.