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November 12, 2019
2 min read

A webinar about Smart and Healthy Buildings

Our Wellbeing Specialist and Program Manager Elyse Carr was invited by Global PropTech to be a speaker in their webinar series Global PropTech Online about Smart and Healthy buildings. In this series, real-estate design – and how it can improve wellbeing at work – will be shared by amazing professionals.

Our story of improving wellbeing at work

Carr’s webinar focused on our holistic model, The B3 Well Model. She explained how every ‘B’ is connected: how the Building, Body and Business can increase employees’ state from fine to thriving. And what role building management, its design, a positive working culture, and HR have on employee wellbeing.

Besides our Wellbeing Specialist, there were 7 other inspiring speakers that shared their know-how about Smart and Healthy buildings in Global PropTech’s webinar series. There were loads of professionals lined up through the day, everything from a Head of Research & Innovation to a Spatial Data Scientist.

Check the webinar

We’ve placed Carr’s webinar up top, so have a look while you’re here! Or check out Global PropTech’s YouTube account to check out all speakers and their views surrounding Smart and Healthy buildings.