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April 30, 2020
5 min read

Who Owns Wellbeing – Wrap Up

By: Elyse

Everyone we spoke to feels they have an important role in improving the wellbeing of those around them. Whether it’s through design, management, training, or support, all of our interviewees acknowledge that wellbeing is – in one way or another – integral to their role.

So, just who owns Wellbeing?

The answer is.. everybody owns a piece of wellbeing management. This is primarily due to the fact that it (as a discipline) has stemmed from Occupational Health and Safety. And in the same way that safety has evolved to be everybody’s business (and responsibility), so has wellbeing.


Over time Occupational Health and Safety has evolved from a single role (traditionally the Safety Manager) to a myriad of professions all revolved around caring for your people.


As this industry has evolved in the 21st century it has extended that care beyond just the physical, and into the realms of mental health protection and promotion…. Wellbeing.


While it’s great to know that everybody has some ownership over internal wellbeing management, the key is to really have someone to pull that together. While the presence of Chief Happiness Officers and Wellbeing Managers are on the rise, not every company has the resources to dedicate the role to a single person.


So in the absence of this single point of contact (such as a Wellbeing Manager) the best way to manage your business’ 2 wellbeing is by forming an employee wellbeing group with representatives from all levels of the business.


The key players in this group are those that have the power to improve the wellbeing of others:


  • Senior Leadership
  • Human Resources
  • Occupational Safety
  • Facilities Management
  • And most importantly… employee representatives


While internally managing wellbeing in your business is one thing, it’s another to integrate that sentiment into your product or service. It’s not only about living and breathing your mission with your employees, it’s about how you can spread that to the world. We heard a great example of this in our interview with Daan Van der Vorm. Daan not only lives wellbeing within his company, but also strives to design & develop buildings that improve the wellbeing of its occupants, whether they be commercial or residential.


In the same way that safety culture has infiltrated our business society, from our internal HR strategies all the way to purchasing and product development, so has wellbeing. That’s because just like safety, wellbeing is everybody’s business.


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