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March 26, 2020
5 min read

Who Owns Wellbeing?

By: Elyse

Click here to go directly to the interviews of Wendy van Ierschot, Daan van der Vorm, Mattijs Kaak and Steve Longhorn

A series of short interviews to discover who in the office is holding the hot potato that is Wellbeing, and why?!

Employee wellbeing has solidified itself as a cornerstone in successful business management. Essentially you cannot have a thriving business without tending to your employees health, safety, and wellbeing needs. This has become even more apparent in recent times as the way we work is changing and evolving with our social landscape.

Quick stats

1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem each year, that’s 25% of your workforce facing depression, anxiety, stress, or other mental health conditions every year. In fact depression is set to be the leading cause of morbidity in developed countries by 2030.

Improving wellbeing at work

So how do we approach this from a workplace perspective? Unfortunately managing and improving wellbeing culture cannot be done overnight. Think about how long it has taken for your company to establish the behaviours and unwritten rules it has developed over time. Re-writing those rules takes just as much time, if not more. More importantly it takes a leader to guide, monitor, and manage those changes toward a healthy workplace. Wellbeing must be ‘owned’.

So who owns wellbeing?

But managing employee wellbeing isn’t so cut-and-dry, especially if you don’t have a dedicated wellbeing manager. So we talked to everyone from CEOs, to facilities, and even real estate companies about where they see their responsibility in managing employee wellbeing, and who should own it.

We talked to

everyone from CEOs, to facilities, and even real estate companies. Click on the images below to read the interviews!

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