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February 6, 2020
5 min read

Why we need to explain the multi in multi-tenant

When it comes to offices and office buildings, the world of working has changed so rapidly in quite a short amount of time. Whereas, just about 5 to 7 years ago, the only advantage for the tenants to get an office in a multi-tenant building was the fact that they would share costs. Costs like the utility bills and cleaning, but that was basically it. For real estate companies creating a multi-tenant set-up in their building is often the most attractive option. With the uprise of coworking spaces to occupy large buildings, like WeWork and Spaces, the approach to multi-tenant office buildings has changed. Now, just sharing costs is not enough. It’s all about sharing wellbeing.

The community building

The community building is the new name of what you would previously call the multi-tenant building. A community is not something that instantly exists, it’s something that you facilitate, cultivate and stimulate. It’s like the famous author Maya Angelou once said ‘nothing works unless you do’, so put the time and effort in a lasting community. This can be done by selecting tenants by having something in common (for example tech-only startups, sustainable-only companies or only innovative startups) or by organising a lot of meetups and events to encourage people to connect. Why this emphasis on a community? Because a community gives people a sense of belonging, being part of something helps their general wellbeing. The “good vibes only”-motto can happen when the energy is palpable, attainable but most of all, sharable.

It’s not all about the people

Of course, it’s the people that make the community and build it. Those are the soft aspects, but the hard aspects should also be in place. As we said, it’s about the multi in multi-tenant, so multi aspects are important. Making sure that there is room for people to move, meet and make things happen. Not only by having the physical space but also making sure that those spaces are pleasant, welcoming and productivity-boosting. What does an environment need to check those boxes? It’s not about investing in expensive glossy marble and high-end furniture, but investing in a great work environment.

Laying down the foundation

Like any good building, it’s about laying down a good foundation. A stable foundation ensures that the building can hold and last, and this is the case for everything. Without laying down some solid groundwork, there’s nothing to build upon.
Let’s go back in time. Remember when you were a kid playing on the beach? Busy building a sandcastle, you knew that you needed water from the sea to pour over the sand to make your castle more solid. For your castle to bask in the sun, you put in the work, using multi(ple) things to make it happen. So for your building and its tenants to bask in the sun, make sure that you put the multi in multi-tenant for their wellbeing. Put in the work, put in the time.

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