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Increasing work wellbeing of 350 employees

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Improved indoor climate & new office design

Between 2017 and 2019, we continuously improved the temporary workplace of Royal FloraHolland, the largest flower auction in the world.

The cooperation takes the wellbeing of their employees very seriously. However, it seemed that the work environment wasn’t optimal. Apparently, the indoor climate, office interior design, sound levels, and overall maintenance of the building had a negative impact on their employees’ wellbeing. So, we used sensors, questionnaires, interviews, and workplace observations to map it out for them.

How we improved office design

To solve the lack of privacy and peace & quiet, we connected Royal FloraHolland with our wellbeing partner Ditt Officemakers. Together, we created a brand-new office interior design for their open-plan office, pantry, and meeting rooms. And validated the effects with their employees along the way.

Stabilized the indoor climate

Next up was recalibrating their climate control system in order to stabilize the indoor climate. We also decentralized the air conditioning system in their workplace. This way, employees can change the temperature of spaces and meeting rooms to their liking.

Find out how we improved wellbeing at work for Royal FloraHolland

What the data revealed

The sensor data made it clear that several aspects in the workplace where performing outside the ideal benchmark. The thermic comfort, air quality, indoor climate, overall maintenance, and sound levels all had room for improvement.

The employee feedback data revealed that their open-plan workplace layout design made employees feel a lack of privacy.

Because we confirmed the effect of each workplace improvement with impact measurements, we were able to provide data that proves the effectiveness of each improvement.

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