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Increasing wellbeing of 180 employees

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Improved office design & air quality

In 2018 and 2019, we improved the workplace of UWV, the biggest Employee Insurance Agency in the Netherlands.

Employee wellbeing and a healthy work environment is an important theme for UWV. Their indoor climate, especially the temperature and air quality, were the subject of complaints. So, we used sensor data to measure how much they influence the wellbeing of their employees. At the same time, we started measuring the effect of greenery in the workplace.

How we improved air quality

As requested, we started with measuring and analyzing the temperature and air quality. After recalibrating the air conditioning systems, we managed to regulate the temperature and air quality in the workplace.

New workplace concepts

In addition, it turned out that the office interior made it hard for employees to stay focused on their work. As a result, UWV started to discuss new concepts, for both policies and interior, that can be implemented in the future.

This is how we improved wellbeing at work for UWV

What the sensor data revealed

Just like UWV’s workforce, the sensor data revealed that the temperature and air quality were far from ideal. Several parts of the workplace were performing below the benchmark.

Fortunately, the green walls in the small space had a positive effect: they improved relative humidity significantly. However, the plants didn’t have the same effect in larger workspaces.

The data also pointed out that noise significantly impacted work wellbeing. These physical aspects are linked directly to the level of employee engagement and the experience of burnout complaints.

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