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Always make the right call with continuous employee-based feedback

Create the best work environment with real-time sensor data

Improve Wellbeing at Work with the Management Dashboard

Employee feedback done right

With the tags in our Healthy Workers App, employees can easily share their work experience.

Since the Management Dashboard instantly collects & sorts their feedback in popularity, you’ll always see what they need the most.

Keep employees
engaged and informed

Organizational messages help to keep employees engaged. So, write a post with company news and share it on their timeline – whenever and wherever. Or keep them posted about the improvement process with your comments, and by changing their tags’ improvement status.

Let the workplace make your people perform better

The sensor data about your workplace are displayed in an easy-to-read graph. We make it insightful and actionable by comparing the data with the ideal benchmark.

Improving work climate is a breeze

We visualize the indoor climate of your workplace with real-time sensor data. Since everything can influence employee wellbeing, we try to measure as much factors as we can. Like light, sound levels, temperature, air quality, occupancy rate, and so on. If spaces in your workplace perform outside of the ideal benchmark, we’ll notify you right away.

We go beyond comparison

In short, the Management Dashboard is a rich blend of employee feedback & workplace sensor data. It helps you collect and validate your insights, and above all, potential workplace improvements. This way, you can always make the right call at the right time. Easy does it.

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to fit your size

To make our platform accessible for medium and large businesses, we split it in 3 pricing plans.