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New partnership: Healthy Workers x Smartvatten

Healthy Workers and Smartvatten are partnering up to provide their customers with access to all their building’s data in one go. That means optimizing the performance of your buildings with the Healthy Workers platform now includes 24/7 access to Smartvatten’s high-quality water consumption data.

Healthy Workers is a Dutch smart building and ESG platform to process all building data, in order to create healthy, sustainable, and profitable smart buildings. Since 2016, they combine environmental and system data with science-based research to uncover actionable insights for landlords and companies. Their platform helps businesses improve building performance, increase asset value, automate processes, and achieve their ESG goals.

Smartvatten, specialist in water efficiency, shares their aim of helping customers reach their full sustainable potential. Founded in 2013, Smartvatten facilitates the remote monitoring of water consumption in real estate across Europe with simple devices and smart software. The company shares its full-service water efficiency expertise worldwide, aiming to raise awareness and contribute to the sustainable use of water around the globe.

A Perfect Strategic Match

Healthy Workers thoroughly vetted potential partners. With the most accurate water consumption data on the market, excellent scalability, and easy to install hardware – without having to shut down the water supply or replace piping – Smartvatten was their ideal strategic partner.

From March onwards, Smartvatten’s reliable service now provides 24/7 access to water consumption data through the Healthy Workers platform. The companies have agreed to work together for at least 10 years to accelerate ESG data automation in the Netherlands.

Guus Meulendijks, co-founder of Healthy Workers, says: “In early January, we launched our ESG & Sustainability module. This is our entry-level service to automate and analyze all buildings’ ESG related data around usage and generation. By entering into this long-term partnership with Smartvatten, we now can offer a full-service solution starting at just 1000 euro per building per year.”

“Smartvatten always stresses the importance for companies to have an ESG strategy,” says Raymond Tieman, Sales Manager Benelux at Smartvatten. “And that’s exactly what the Healthy Workers platform is focused on. Working together, we can help more companies reach their ESG goals.”

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