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New partnership: Healthy Workers x NL asset management

Big news: Healthy Workers is teaming up with NL asset management! Their complete portfolio is now connected to our platform. This way, they are able to manage all building performances on a single platform. Through realtime insight into consumptions we can optimise the buildings, make them more sustainable and essentially: Paris proof.

With Healthy Workers, we have found the right partner to help us take a data-driven approach to all sustainability challenges. We always know where we stand with every building. Along these lines, we can keep them performing optimally at all times and we see exactly where we can do better. This way, we serve investors as well as users, and we will make the right choices on the road to 2050. – Neil Gremmen, head of asset management

Over the years, NL asset management built a strong client base, including i.e. PPF Real Estate, Aviva Investors, NEO Capital LTD and State Street Global Advisors. All their internationally renowned investors have a portfolio of high-end offices with solid sustainability ambitions – including BREEAM and WELL certifications. As a sister company of NL real estate | Knight Frank, NL asset management has a whole range of interesting investors and clients all over the world.

We are very happy to have NL asset management as a partner. They work for strong foreign investors with premium offices and various landmarks, such as The FOZ Building, the Millennium Tower and SHARE Hoofddorp. It’s a pleasure to collaborate with partners with a strong vision regarding sustainability and invest in a net zero future. They understand that we are facing many challenges in terms of sustainability. – Guus Meulendijks, co-founder Healthy Workers

Together, they make a great team. With their all-in-one data solution, Healthy Workers makes it easy to create sustainable and healthy buildings. They enable a data-driven transformation towards net zero. The Building Analytics & ESG performance software allows you to always know where you stand – it provides insight into your building performance and portfolios. As a result, you will save up to 30 per cent in energy.

Curious to find out what we can do for you and your buildings? Don’t hesitate to contact us at: guus@healthyworkers.com or n.gremmen@nlassetmanagement.nl