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New partnership: Healthy Workers x Proprli

Healthy Workers and Proprli are teaming up, to provide our customers with high-quality ESG tools! We complement each other in making buildings future-proof, thanks to our expertise in property management.

As the ultimate Building Passport for commercial real estate, Proprli is the single source of truth for all stakeholders, including investors, banks, accountants, property managers and contractors. They are a one-stop online platform where compliance, supplier & bid management meet ESG & climate risk management. Setting your ESG goals and planning your roadmap to net zero with Proprli, and along the way you will be able to keep track of all your green building certifications. With their passports, you can confidently report progress back to your investors.

The move towards net zero is dauntingly big. Therefore, we’ve been searching for a good partner to complement our Building Passport, to help investors and property managers get insight in their buildings performance and create Carbon Pathways towards net zero. We are extremely happy that we found that partner in Healthy Workers, who automatically collect all required data for ESG reporting. – Boudewijn Groot, co-founder Proprli

Healthy Workers leverages data to make your buildings smart, sustainable, and healthy. First, we automate all your data collection, so you are provided with the right information, at the right time. How exactly? We measure, monitor and analyze your consumption of resources, building performances, and use of installations. Learn what works well and what doesn’t, how to improve, and make your progress tangible and measurable. You’ll always know where you stand and allow your buildings to optimally perform at all times. Healthy Workers is the foundation to reach net zero by 2050.

We believe net zero needs to be reached as soon as possible. By joining our expertise with Proprli, we can move forward better, stronger, and faster. We want to improve the ecosystem – together with Proprli – just like we did for our shared client Schroders Capital Real Estate. – Jonatan Roose, co-founder Healthy Workers

Ready for take off

Together, Healthy Workers and Proprli ensure successful, automated ESG reporting – including real time data access. Furthermore, we help you become SFDR compliant, as we have done for the multiple stakeholders that are actively using our combined systems. Can we help you on your journey?

If you want to know more about how we can make your buildings healthier, hit us up at: guus@healthyworkers.com